Temperature monitoring

We have have a deep understanding of the specific needs of the refrigerated transport industry, and support temperature monitoring as well as remote control of reefer units.

Carrier Transicold

Maptex have worked closely with Carrier Transicold for over 10 years, and are able to connect to their DataCOLD 500 and DataCOLD 600 units, as well as directly to the refrigeration unit. This means users can access an extensive range of information, including:

  • Multiple temperature probe readings
  • Multiple compartment setpoint details
  • Running mode information
  • Compartment states
  • Back and side door states
  • Running and service gour meters
  • Current and historical alarm details
  • Fuel level

Historical Charts

Users can check on historical temperature readings and setpoint information with our interactive charts.

The state of back and side doors can be seen too, if this information is applicable.

Native Excel charts can also be exported from the system too for more detailed analysis.

If you need to integrate data into your back office systems we can push it to you automatically via our XML pump.

Better servicing and maintenance

Engine and standby hours are both recorded directly from the refrigeration unit so you can rely on accurate information. This allows detailed monitoring of service intervals, which can be reported on by using our dedicated report.

Details of current and historical alarms are readily available, enabling corrective actions to take place.

2-way control

Our built-in support for 2-way interaction with reefer units allows you to control set points remotely, as well as change operational modes, clear alarms, and initiate defrosts.

 Permissions to perform each action can be controlled at a granular level and is fully audited.

Mobile App

Our mobile app provides a dedicated refrigeration interface where users can check on current temperatures and set points, the status of each compartment, as we as details of any alarms, whilst they’re on the move.

See when doors are open or closed and even check on fuel levels too.