Fuel monitoring

Fuel is a significant cost for any organisation that operates vehicles, so any potential savings can quickly add up to a significant sum across your whole fleet. We have a number of different features that allow you to record your usage, identify potential savings, as well as detect potential fraud.

Capturing fuel records

Monitoring fuel usage can be a laborious process, so we allow fill ups to be recorded in several different ways to minimise the cost and burden.

For small fleets, there’s a simple and flexible manual entry system.

For larger fleets, we can detect fill ups from CANbus telematic data, where available, or records can be uploaded in bulk from fuel card systems.

We automatically use the most accurate source of volume or cost figures to give you a reliable view of usage across your fleet.

A report showing fuel records imported from a fuel card system

We currently support a number of different fuel card providers, but can easily add others if yours isn’t currently available. We have even added support for private, on-site fuel stations.

Logos for some of the supported fuel card providers

Theft and misappropriation

Rising fuel costs are a concern for any business, so it’s important to ensure that all the fuel you’re paying for is actually going in your vehicles.

Fraud can happen in two ways: 

  • Misappropriation can happen at during a fill up by when some of the fuel is diverted into a jerry can or other container.
  • Fuel theft can occur after a fill up by siphoning fuel back out of the tank.

Our system can help you identify both of these types of fraud by reconciling data from the vehicle CANbus against fuel card receipts. The information is analysed and available in reports that highlight when and where possible theft or misappropriation has occurred.

A report showing automatic checks for fuel theft or misappropriation