Plant and asset tracking

Security is an important consideration for plant machinery, agricultural equipment, and other high value assets. Theft is becoming an increasing problem for businesses, not only because of higher insurance premiums, but also the disruption caused waiting for the equipment to be replaced.

The Maptex plant and asset tracking platform can improve security and help with servicing and maintenance.

Identify unauthorised use

Our alerting module notifies you immediately when assets are in use. You won’t be inundated with e-mails and SMS messages as our time schedules can make sure you’re only alerted when their operation is unexpected, such as in the evenings or at weekends.

For an extra level of security you can remotely immobilise equipment to prevent it from being started. You can even set up scheduled actions to automatically immobilise and re-immobilise equipment at set times of the day and week.

We detect if assets are moved without their ignition being started and can send you a tow away alert.

Improve maintenance and servicing

Monitoring the running hours of your assets is important for scheduling servicing and maintenance to reduce unnecessary costs and ensure reliable operation. This can be difficult if assets are away from the yard for extended periods of time, or out on hire to third parties. We can help you monitor running hours so you can ensure servicing takes place when it needs to, maximising the utilisation of your assets.

You can also monitor other data such as battery voltage or other sensors and get alerted if there’s a problem.

The reminders module can also keep track of important dates, such as tax and insurance.

Key features

Our tracking platform has several features that help manage plant and agricultural equipment and assets:

  • Use scheduled actions to automatically inhibit their use outside of authorised hours.
  • Know when they move offsite with geofences and alerts
  • Use analytics to report on utilisation and engine hours
  • Solar and low power hardware can provide long-term tracking for remote assets or trailers