Cameras and dash-cams

Our integrated vehicle camera solution can provide you true visibility of your vehicles, with critical events automatically captured and uploaded for review on the website, as well as live streaming from multiple cameras installed on the same vehicle.

Review Events Immediately

There has been an increase in the number of dash-cams or vehicle cameras installed in recent years to address a surge in fraudulent insurance claims, as well as monitor driving behaviour. Our camera solutions go one step further with a real-time link back to base, allowing office staff to review critical events as soon as they occur.

Video clips are uploaded automatically to the website when an incident occurs, and footage from all angles can be seen immediately and synchronised with the location of the vehicle on a map.

Screenshot showing vehicle location on a map synchronised with video footage from two cameras

All of the captured data, including location, speed, date and time, as well as the HD video footage can be downloaded as a single evidential file for archiving or later review.

Multiple Camera Support

We support a range of different configurations, to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Single – A traditional forward-facing dash-cam that captures footage of the road ahead.
  • Quad – Up to 4 cameras located inside or outside the vehicle. Capture front and rear, inside the cab, or side views.
  • Multi – Up to 12 cameras located inside or outside the vehicle with the ability to record to a hard drive installed within the vehicle for extended periods.

Live view

As well as automatically capturing an uploading footage of important events, website users can also connect live to the vehicle to view video footage from all of the cameras in real-time, for example to instantly check what’s happening in or around the vehicle when the panic button is pressed.