Vehicle tracking and fleet management

The vehicle tracking and fleet management market has developed rapidly in recent years and it’s no longer sufficient for systems to simply report the current and historical locations of vehicles.

Our system provides a number of features that build upon the basic location data to deliver information that has tangible financial benefits for companies.

Driving Behaviour

Understanding how vehicles are driven is not only an important consideration in an employers duty of care to their drivers, but can also impact on servicing and fuel costs.

Fuel Monitoring

Monitor fuel usage, reconcile fuel card records, and get notified about potential fuel theft incidents.

Temperature Monitoring

Ensure temperature controlled goods are transported correctly and safely, with full historical records.

Driver Identification

Identify who was driving a vehicle at a particular time, and prevent vehicles being started by unauthorised drivers.


Hook into the on-board vehicle computer to collect and analyse detailed driving behaviour and diagnostic data.


See what’s happening in and around your vehicles, with footage automatically recorded and available online should an incident occur.


Know where your trailers have been left, and automatically identify them when they’re connected to a tractor unit.


Have tachograph data automatically uploaded from your vehicles for record keeping and analysis.

Garmin FMI

Send stops to in-cab sat navs and get real-time updated on their estimated time of arrival.

Route Adherence

Check that vehicles are going where they should and be immediately notified if they deviate from authorised routes.