Hardware support

Maptex don’t manufacture or sell hardware; instead we’ve integrated support for a wide range of third party devices into our service. By remaining outside of the hardware supply chain we avoid introducing unnecessary costs both for our clients and end users.

We integrate each device at a very deep level into our service, aiming to support all the functionality offered by the firmware protocol. Where hardware provides over-the-air (OTA) configuration we replicate the functionality of locally installed applications provided by the manufacturer so you can manage devices whenever or wherever you are.

Our system architecture allows us to expose this functionality in a consistent but flexible way, which means you don’t have to go through a complex learning process if you start to use new hardware, and different types of hardware can be mixed and matched within an organisation.

We support hardware from many different manufacturers on our systems. The following are a selection, but we support others not listed below so if you’re looking for something not listed below please get in touch.


Aplicom are a Finnish manufacturer with a range of hardware designed for the vehicle tracking market.

 The Aplicon A9 NEX is a vehicle tracking device with fully integrated antennas. It uses both GPS and GLONASS systems for positioning.

It has an internal backup battery and both 1-wire driver identification and CANbus interfaces.

Astra Telematics

Astra Telematics are a UK manufacturer with a range of hardware designed for the vehicle tracking market.

The Astra Telematics AT110 is a compact but powerful vehicle tracking device, with an internal backup battery, multiple digital and analog I/O, and 1-wire and CANbus interfaces.

THe 3 axis MEMs-based accelerometer allows the monitoring of driving behaviour, and it also supports the Garmin FMI interface and temperature monitoring.

The Astra Telematics AT200 is a low cost vehicle tracking device with integrated anntenas and a 3-axis accelerometer.

It has support for digital inputs and outputs and 1-wire temperature sensors and driver identification.

The Astra Telematics AT210 is an IP67 rated vehicle tracker. It has internal antennas but supports an external GPS antenna to support installations where the mounting position may impede the signal.

It has a number of digital inputs and outputs and supports the 1-wire interface for temperature and driver identification.

The Astra Telematics AT240 is a powerful IP67 rated vehicle tracker. It has internal antennae and a backup battery that can keep the device operating for up to 5 hours continuously or 4 days with hourly updates.

It also has a number of digital inputs and outputs, supports the 1-wire interface for temperature and driver identification, and full CANbus support.


CalAmp are a US manufacturer with a range of hardware for the vehicle, trailer, asset, and plant tracking markets that use custom on-board scripts to control their behaviour.

The CalAmp ATU-620 is an IP66-rated, battery operated asset tracking device. Using either 3 or 6 AA batteries, it has extensive power management functionality that enables it to transmit up to 2,000 location reports over an extended period of time.

The CalAmp LMU-3030 is a small plug-and-play tracking device that gets both power and data from the vehicle OBD port.

It has a small backup battery that enables it to report its location for a short time should it be unplugged from the vehicle.

The CalAmp TTU-1220 is a an IP66-rated weatherproof asset tracking device. It contains a large rechargeable battery that can provide tracking for extended periods of time.


Eview are a Chinese manufacturer of low cost hardware for the personal location market.

The EV-07 is a small lightweight personal location device that can provide regular position reports for up to 2 or 3 days.

A bespoke cradle makes it easy for elderly users to recharge the unit by simply placing it in the cradle instead of having to deal with finding and inserting a fiddly cable.


Mecomo are a German manufacturer of hardware for the asset tracking market that can operate without external power for extended periods of time.

The mecSOLAR one+ is a solar power asset tracker that can operate indefinitely, with the integrated solar panel recharging the built-in internal battery.

Designed to fit in the corrugation profile of a standard shipping container, the mecSOLAR one+ is a rugged and versatile unit.


Navigil is a Finnish manufacturer of wrist-worn personal location devices.

The S1 is a wristwatch that has traditional hour and minute hands as well as a small digital display panel.

The device adapts its reporting rate to the activity level of the wearer, maximising the battery life. Charging is simple and straightforward with a charging dock.


Queclink are a Chinese manufacturer with a range of affordable and reliable hardware for the vehicle and asset tracking and personal location markets.

The Queclink GL300 is a small IPX5 (water resistant) personal location device with an impressive battery life of several days.

An integrated panic button provides users with an easy and configurable way to request help. The unit also includes a built-in motion sensor as well as ambient temperature measurement.  

The Queclink GL505 is a compact, battery powered IPX7-rated asset tracking device that can report its location for over a year, before the battery has to be replaced.

It can easily switch between continuous real-time tracking mode and a lower reporting interval power saving mode.

The Queclink GT301 is powerful personal location device, that has an impressive battery life as well a useful OLED display for user interaction.

Four buttons can be configured to speed dial numbers from the onboard address book for voice calls, with an additional panic button to raise an alarm. The integrated motion sensor support fall detection, should the user collapse to the ground.

The Queclink GV300 is a vehicle tracker with integrated antennae and optional external GPS antenna, and provides a variety of analog and digital I/O.

Two-way audio interfaces are also supported.

The Queclink GV500 is a plug-and-play OBD vehicle tracker. A small backup battery enables it to continue to report for a short period of time after being unplugged.

It supports the J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230, ISO 15765-4, and J1939 OBD protocols.

The Queclink GV55 Lite is a small, low cost, basic vehicle tracker, with support for digital I/O. It’s an ideal option where price is an important factor.


SmartWitness are a UK/US manufacturer of vehicle cameras and recording devices.

As well as operating as a vehicle tracking device, the SmartWitness KP1S also captures HD wide angle video from a dash-mounted, forward facing camera. The camera is tamper-proof and automatically uploads incident footage for review on the website.

It also optionally supports a second camera that can mounted anywhere in the vehicle, for example to capturing the view behind the vehicle or inside the passenger cabin.

The SmartWitness CP4 is a vehicle tracking device with an integrated 4-channel HD video recorder. The unit can be installed out-of-sight, with up to 4 cameras discretely placed in and around the vehicle.

Users can view live footage from any or all of the cameras on the website, and incident footage is automatically uploaded.


Tachosys are are UK manufacturer of vehicle digital tachograph peripherals.

The Tachosys digiDL-EX is a powerful vehicle tracker with integrated support for remote downloading of digital tachograph data.

A variety of different digital and analog inputs, as well as a CANbus interface, helps this device meet the needs of the most demanding installs.