Bespoke solutions

We can extend our standard platforms to meet almost any requirement or even build a completely bespoke solution to meet your needs.


All of our platforms are offered as white label solutions, intended to have our clients’ branding applied. This doesn’t involve simply changing a logo but can extend to all aspects of the service, including e-mail communications. Having a consistent brand helps you build trust with your customers and foster loyalty.

In applying a brand to the service we can work to a formal style guide or simply use your logo and customise the site so that it reflects the image you wish to see.

Third-Party Hardware

We’ve integrated hundreds of different types of third party hardware into our platforms and have extensive experience with a wide range of standard and proprietary protocols. Our plug-and-play architecture allows us to support new hardware very quickly, usually within days or even hours.

With all the hardware we integrate we aim to support all of the capabilities it offers. This includes developing fully web-based configuration screens that replicate the functionality of proprietary configuration applications. This means you can remotely and easily manage your devices at any time without having to refer to detailed technical documentation.


External Interfaces

Our platforms have two standard external interfaces:

  • XML Pump is a push-type interface where we can send processed data out to external systems.
  • Our RESTful API provides a programmatic interface to allow external systems to pull data out.

Both of these interfaces are extensible however sometimes a completely bespoke interface may be necessary and that’s something we’re also able to offer.

Location data can be sent to back office logistics and planning systems. Control interfaces allow third party solutions to send commands to devices to alter their behaviour.


We’re here if you just want to pick our brains and draw on our years of experience designing, building, and implementing scalable systems.

If you’re building your own hardware we can help you design an over-the-air (OTA) communication protocol that is both flexible and efficient.

Where our standard platforms aren’t quite right for you, we can design, develop, and even operate a custom system that meets your precise needs.