Our Springboard IoT platform provides a robust and reliable interface between remote IoT devices and back office systems. The flexible architecture can scale and adapt as your business evolves.

Data Collection and Device Management

Collect data from tens of thousands of remote devices and automatically send it to your back office systems using our Springboard IoT (Internet of Things) platform. This works with many different types of devices and hardware, and can provide a consistent and uniform dataset for you to work with.

Easily manage your devices in one central place, get alerted via e-mail or SMS when problems occur, as well as broadcast firmware updates to some or all of your devices.

Our dashboard view provides visibility of of key metrics across your install base, with drill-down to additional levels of detail.

Vehicle Rental and Sharing

Springboard can help you get a vehicle rental or free-floating sharing solution up and running quickly. It acts as a broker between the vehicle and your back office systems, passing commands and data between the two.

Springboard has push and pull interfaces into third party free floating sharing services such as WunderFleet, dramatically decreasing the time it takes you to go to market with your bike, scooter, or car sharing service.

We already support a wide range of scooters, e-bikes, and mopeds from leading manufacturers like Okai, Acton, and Govex, but our extensible architecture means we can integrate support for new models with ease.

Remote Telemetry

Capturing, analysing, and reporting remote telemetry data can be challenging but Springboard makes it simple. We’re able to capture analog and digital data, as well as text, and present it in an easy to understand format. So if you’re wanting to monitor the level of fuel remaining in a generator on site, or when a door is opened, or capture error codes we can handle it.

Charts provide a recognisable and easy way to understand analog data. Each user has control of the units of measure they prefer, and the system automatically transforms from one to another.

With digital data we don’t simply record values as true/false, or on/off. You can use whatever description is most suitable for your business case, e.g. open/closed, left/right, up/down, OK/error, etc.

A chart showing remote telemetry analysis in our IoT solution