Our platforms provide multiple different interfaces that can be used to develop a deeper level of integration with existing business systems.

XML Pump

Our XML pump is a push interface that forwards on tracking and location information as and when it’s received from devices. Data is packaged up as XML and can be sent to any type of internet-facing client.

The advantage of this approach are minimal technical constraints, and you can be up and running in a matter of hours. In fact one of our clients started receiving data into their line of business system having spent less than an hour of integration effort.


Our REST API provides a powerful interface into our platform, enabling customers to integrate tracking and location data directly into their back office systems.

Based on industry standards such as HTTP and JSON, it works with all modern development technologies and is easy to integrate.

Alarm Receiving Centres

Our alerting engine is able to link directly into third party alarm receiving centres (ARC) or contact centre systems. This ensures alarms are dealt with promptly and resolved effectively.

Some personal location devices are able to transmit their location as well as initiating a voice call, allowing ARC agents to see the location of the caller when they answer.

As well as supporting industry leading systems such as Verklizan UMO, we can also work with bespoke interfaces too.