Tachograph download

Save time and money by automatically downloading tachograph data remotely from your vehicles instead of having to manually collect driver cards daily or weekly.

Save time and ensure compliance

Ensuring compliance with tachograph legislation can be time consuming, with many hours spent downloading and analysing data from vehicles.

Our tachograph module can automatically and remotely download data from vehicles and transfer it to a wide range of industry-standard analysis packages, saving an estimated 1 man day per vehicle per year. Across a fleet of vehicles these savings can be significant.

We also link the driver card information to our driver identification module to automatically assign drivers to trips.


Automatic TRansfer to analysis packages

Driver card and vehicle data can be automatically transferred to a range of standard industry packages, including:

  • Tachomaster
  • Stoneridge Optac3
  • SmartAnalysis
  • Tachdig
  • ConveyTech
  • IDHA
  • FTA Vision
  • digiCentral

Transfer can also take place to any FTP destination or Dropbox.