Personal location

Our personal location solution can help employers fulfil their duty of care for lone workers.

It can also help an elderly or vulnerable person lead an independent life, with the reassurance that relatives or carers can know if they need assistance.

Lone workers

If you have employees that work alone in isolated or dangerous areas, or deal with high-risk individuals or groups, you have a duty of care for the safety of those lone workers.

Providing these employees with a small tracking device they can keep in their pocket or on a lanyard will allow you to know where they are, and they can use a built-in panic button to raise an alert if a problem occurs or they feel in danger.

The device can also detect if lone workers suffer a fall and automatically report the location and initiate a phone call to a designated number.

Elderly and vulnerable

Our personal location service can provide peace of mind for family and relatives of elderly and vulnerable people. We have worked with organisations that care for people with dementia for many years, and are sensitive to the particular needs of this sector of the market.

A personal location device can alert carers when someone leaves home at an unusual time. It can also help to recover them if they wander away from familiar places.

A panic button can be useful if they are confused and need help, and a simple two-way voice call can also provide comfort.

Carers can be automatically notified when the batteries run low because the device hasn’t been recharged.