Route adherence

Get immediately notified when vehicles deviate from pre-defined routes, with our intelligent route adherence technology.

Stay on track

It’s often important to know that vehicles remain on approved routes. This might be to ensure safety and security, or to maximise efficiency.

Our route adherence module continuously monitors each vehicle and identifies when they’re on an approved route, You can then be immediately notified when the vehicle completes the route or deviates from it.

Simple set up

It’s very easy to create a new route, which you can do in a number of different ways.

  • Optimal – Use Google Maps or Bing Maps to identify the most efficient route from A to B.
  • Historical – Base the route on historical location data, useful for multi-drop or circular routes.
  • Manual – Manually draw the route on a map for maximum flexibility.

Once a route has been defined using any of these methods it can easily be modified by dragging a line around on a map.


You can tweak the sensitivity to ensure the route will cope with the real world. A configurable buffer distance means that vehicles can stray a certain distance away from the route without triggering an alert.

You can even allow a certain number of locations to be reported outside of this distance which avoids minor deviations due to local roadworks.

Routes can also be associated with time schedules so that they’re only active at certain times of the day or week.

Be Informed

The routing module hooks into the alerting module so you can notified immediately by e-mail or SMS when key events occur:

  • An active route is identified for a moving vehicle.
  • The vehicle deviates from the active route.
  • The vehicle aborts the active route and returns back to the start.
  • The vehicle successfully completes an active route.