Our service has a number of security features that help users manage their devices in a way that suits them, using flexible permissions and access controls.

Flexible Security Permissions

Security permissions help administrators control the functionality that each user in their organisation can access. Permissions are granular, allowing a great deal of flexibility for different organisations or use cases.

For example, only certain users should be able to set driver behaviour performance targets, but everyone in the organisation should be able to see the results.

Permissions can also be grouped together as custom roles, making administration quick and easy by assigning a set of permissions to a user in a single click.

Control device access

Sometimes it’s desirable or even necessary to restrict access to specific devices in an organisation so that they can only be accessed by specific users.

Our security controls can be used to control access at the device level, preventing unauthorised access to any information relating to them, including current and historic location data.

Driver authorisation

Part of our driver identification module includes functionality that only allows vehicles to be started by authorised drivers.

This means that even if they have the keys for the vehicle, a driver is prevented from starting the ignition unless they also present an authorised iButton fob.

iButtons can also be specifically blocked, allowing organisations to operate security blacklists as well as whitelists.