Mobile apps

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to check on the location of devices when you’re away from the office, whilst our Installer app ensures vehicle installs are performed correctly first time, every time.


With our native iOS app users can view the current and historic locations of any device in their organisation. Resellers can also switch into any of their customer organisations too.

Fully integrated with Apple Maps, users can view locations on standard, hybrid, or satellite map views. Trips can be replayed dynamically showing the routes that vehicles have taken.

As well as location information, other telematics and diagnostic information is available, as well as access to suitable actions.

The app also provides access to current and unacknowledged alerts, and support for native mobile push notifications lets you know instantly when an event occurs.


Our native Android app has all of the functionality of the iOS app, but follows standard Android user interface practices. So, for example, instead of buttons at the bottom of screens there’s a tab bar at the top.

Mobile push notifications ensure you get alerted straight away, and with screens updating in real time you know you’re always seeing the latest information.


We provide a separate app for vehicle installers for both iOS and Android platforms. This app allows installers to perform basic tests to validate a device is operating correctly at the time of install, helping avoid costly repeat visits to correct any problems.

The sequence of available tests is intelligent, so for example CANbus-specific tests will be offered for a CANbus-install.

As well as performing tests, installers can also capture photos – useful to record installation position or as evidence the install has been performed.

Test results and photos are instantly available to resellers on the website.