Our powerful analytics engine helps users make sense of all the information captured by their tracking devices, with a wide range of reports that can be customised and scheduled for regular, automatic delivery by e-mail.


As well as location, tracking devices report a wide range of other data. Our analytics engine is able to process all this data and convert it into useful information.

From something as simple as listing trips made by each vehicle or geofences that have been visited; to something a bit more complex like driver timesheets.

It’s easy for users to access the information they need without having to design their own reports  or write complicated queries – they simply provide values for relevant parameters.

Parameter values can be saved as a template to make it easy to run the same report again in future.


As well as traditional table-style reports in Excel, we also offer more graphical reports that help you visualise vehicle activity over time.

Users can check on geographical coverage with our coverage report, that shows historical areas visited by devices.

Schedule reports

Almost all reports can be scheduled to be e-mailed automatically, either daily, weekly, or monthly as appropriate.

In the unlikely event one of our existing reports doesn’t provide the information an organisation needs, we can normally add a bespoke report that will do, restricting its availability to just that organisation if necessary.