Our service has comprehensive diagnostics functionality that is simple to use and helps you resolve issues quickly and easily.

Easy to use

Our diagnostics interface is very simple to use, no matter what type of hardware you’re using. We’re able to request diagnostic information from devices over GPRS or SMS.

SMS requests can be particularly useful in diagnosing communication problems, which are often caused by localised GPRS issues.

We can even identify the the cellular network from the MCC and MNC data, if this is provided by the device.

End users also have access to basic diagnostic information to help them understand the current state of a device. This information is presented in a simple non-technical way, and if there is a potential issue intelligent step-by-step suggestions help users self-diagnose and potentially resolve problems themselves, reducing support calls.

Detailed information

 Where necessary, we can provide access to raw data received from devices. This can be useful in diagnosing firmware issues or faulty devices.

A number of actions can also help with resolving problems, such as forcing devices to transmit a report or even rebooting them remotely.

Screenshot showing raw data received from a device