Device configuration

Controlling how devices behave is simple and straighforward with our powerful, web-based configuration interface.

Change behaviour anytime, anywhere

Most hardware manufacturers provide a way to control the behaviour of their devices, from simply changing the frequency of location reporting, to more complex functionality such as adjusting the sensitivity of an accelerometer.

To make these changes manufacturers typically provide a sofware tool that can be used to alter each parameter, however this¬†normally requires devices to be connected to a local PC or laptop which simply isn’t practical in most situations.

As part of the process of integrating third party hardware into our service we include comprehensive support for over-the-air (OTA) configuration, where possible. This exposes each configurable parameter in a familiar and user-friendly way, with an explanation about what it does.

As with all areas of the system, consistency is maintained across different types of hardware so there’s no need to try and remember where a particular setting is located, and descriptive text explains what each parameter controls.

Controlled access

Different security levels control access to parameters, so they can be easily assigned to users. This helps unauthorised changes to device behaviour that might result in increased data costs or even cause the device to stop working correctly.

Every parameter change is validated to prevent users setting an unsupported value that might fail or cause problems for the device.