Key features

Our system provides a comprehensive range of features, and is designed to work for organisations with a handful of devices up to those with many hundreds. Here are just a few of the key features we offer.


Our alerting module supports a wide range of business processes: recording events occurring, sending notifications to the appropriate people, and confirming that someone takes action.


Geofences define places of interest, such as an office or depot, or a customer site. You can use geofencing to provide a meaningful name for a location instead of simply an address.

Device Configuration

An important part of our device integration process is to provide remote web-based OTA control of a wide range of configurable parameters for each each type of device.


Actions are commands you can send from the website to change the state of something in the vehicle or asset, for example deactivating or activating the ignition circuit, or deadlocking a door.


An often overlooked but critical part of any telematics or tracking system are the diagnostic features. We provide comprehensive and clear information to help you diagnose any faults with a device or installation.


We have over 50 different types of report in our analytics module that help make sense of the information captured from devices. Reports can be automatically e-mailed out and we can provide custom reports if necessary.


Use our flexible permissions to control the functionality available to each user, and limit access to individual devices too.

Prevent shared vehicles from being started by unauthorised drivers.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android provide quick and easy access to your devices on the go.

Check on the current and historic location of devices, as well as any alert notifications.


Powerful interfaces allow our system to push data out to external systems as XML.

Whilst our REST-ful JSON API allows clients to pull data out on request.

Hardware Support

We support a wide range of best of breed hardware from third party manufacturers.

There’s something for every scenario or budget.